Synth Band?

Synth Band Dot Com

is a musical collective in San Diego, CA

Improv Multi-Instrumentalists

Synth Band Dot Com is a near-elastic noise-making group

We get together 10 to 20 times per year to make 100% improvisational "music". Or maybe it's noise. Or jazz. Whatever it is, we have fun making it. Please try to endure some of our recent sounds online,

Current usual suspects: Dan, Amy, Brock, Nik, Aaron, Matt, Selvin, Gabe. (We're casually looking for additional partners in noise.)

Periodic contributors: Andrew, Joel, Zachary, Phil, Mike, Jason, and Tony.

Guest/past performers are called: Greg, Tomwilliamz, John, Ethan, Kurt, Amanda, Nick, Chloe, Charly, Predilection, Disjointed, and so on.

Join Us?

We're sometimes looking for people to share the fun

If you're a multi-instrumentalist (you play a few of: guitar/bass/drums/keys/noise/any non-acoustic instrument) near Normal Heights San Diego and want to make post-postmodern improv noise, send a note to synth band at uncool central dot com. We're not always hiring, and the pay sucks, but we're not discouraging potential great connections. 100% improvisational. I.e. we don't discuss what we're going to do before we do it, and you often get assigned a random instrument. Fun.

We always have two guitars, bass, drums, a couple of synths, a mic, and lots of fx pedals, and sporadically bust out the electric violin, theremin, spring-thing-thundertubeX2, tablet noise apps, and other toys.

Make Noise